Why Decred: Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

Money has been corrupted worldwide. It is now printed/typed out of thin air. This corrupt, fake money system is causing a lot of harm, but it is difficult to understand how. Let’s explore how this fake money is destructive to people and the world, so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from this harm.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Never Ending Price Increases

Prices on most things go up and up without stop. But it is not that things are more and more expensive, it is that money – currency – is worth less and less. Why is that?

Here’s an example. Would you pay 1,000 usd for a new Tesla? The answer is yes. Now imagine that 10 Teslas are given to every person on the planet. Now would you pay $1,000 usd for it, when you have 10 and everyone you know also has 10? The answer is no. The cars are now worth much less.

In the same way, money is worth less by making more of it. The same amount of goods are chased by larger amounts of money. So it is not that things become more expensive, it is that money is worth less by creating too much of it. This is inflation.

Why Decred: Corrupt Bailouts and Handouts

Corrupt Bailouts and Handouts

A bailout/handout is when the government uses taxpayer money, our money, to rescue businesses or institutions that were irresponsible, incompetent or corrupt. It means you pay for the mistakes that other citizens make. This creates a protection and an incentive for bad behavior. It also creates an incentive for bribes in exchange of rescues.

“I don’t need to manage this bank responsibly. I can make big bets to earn big money. If I make a fatal mistake, the government can rescue me.”

“If I bribe the government official, he can give my company tax payer money.”

Bailouts and handouts are greatly increased in a fiat based monetary system where you simply print money into existence.

About the Art Piece

Stork birds carry corrupt bailout and handout money (fiat currency) away to an unkown destination.

Since this happens worldwide, no particular bank or location is depicted.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Invasion of Privacy on Transactions

When you use a normal digital technology to pay – a credit card, a bank app, a finance app – you are leaving a trail of information of your activities. This information can be sold, hacked and consulted without you knowing.

Digital fiat currencies are an invasion of your privacy.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Murder and Destruction via War Financing

War is expensive, and most countries cannot afford it. Even the mighty USA has gone into debt to pay for its wars. The country has seen a budget deficit larger than the entirety of the military budget for many years.

Fiat currencies enable war on a much larger scale via debt. Honest money reduces the amount of death and destruction caused by war by constraining how much you can spend on it.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Stealing from the Future

When the government goes into debt, it is spending today the resources of tomorrow. This means that people of the present will spend, but people of the future will pay. Is it fair for you to pay what someone else spent in the past? No. Stealing from the future happens with fake money and debt.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Interest on the Debt per Citizen:
$1,067 usd per year

All governments have debt, and all debts have an interest rate. How much does each citizen pay on government interest debt?

In the USA in 2019, the amount of interest paid on government debt was $350,000,000,000 usd. With a population of 328,000,000, each man, woman and child paid $1,067 usd that year in debt interest.

How much do you pay per year in your country? Such high interest payments are only possible with fake, printed/typed, debt based money.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Interest on the Debt per Family:
$3,350 usd per year

The average family in the USA has 3.14 members. On average, each family pays $3,350 usd per year on interest expense on the government debt. This does not inlcude any repayment of the capital.

You pay for this with your taxes. All this interest is slowing down the economy and making everyone poorer. Government deficit spending does not create prosperity, it creates poverty. The accumulation of debt is massively accelerated with corrupt, fake, debt based money that is simply printed into existence.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Negative Interest Rates

Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark have all tried negative interest rates. More countries are expected to do so in the future. Since banks lend your deposits and earn interest on them, you now pay the bank to lend your money and profit from it. Read that again. You pay the bank to risk and lend your money, and profit from it. You lose money each month on your account balance.

This further discourages savings and makes society more vulnerable to economic shocks. If society becomes fully cashless, it can be exploited with ever increasing negative interest rates, with no escape. A centralized, fiat monetary system allows negative interest rates.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

User Card Transaction Fees

When you use your bank card, there is a cost associated with operating this payment method. Have you noticed how in some places, paying with a card is about ~2-3% more expensive than paying with cash?

When you use cards, you are paying interchange fees, assesment fees, payment gateway fees, isueeing bank processor fees and payment service provider fees.

It makes everything you buy with a card more expensive. The banks give you some rewards but this is less than the extra you are paying. Rewards are a mind game. You pay for your own "rewards".

Fee list source: Fees & Comissions in the Payment World by TeamUnified.

Why Decred: Art In Progress

Merchant Card Transaction Fees

There are several costs merchants have to pay in order to accept card payments.

These can include: an application fee, a monthly minimum fee, an early termination fee, a payment gateway setup fee, a payment gateway monthly fee, terminal insurance fee, a terminal lease fee, a terminal purchase fee, a PCI non-compliance fee, a PCI compliance fee, an IRS reporting fee, a reprogramming fee, a statement fee, an online reporting fee, an address verification service fee, a voice authorization fee, a retrieval request fee, a chargeback fee, a batch fee and a non-sufficient funds fee.

This takes away from merchants earnings and rises prices.

Fee list source: Fees & Comissions in the Payment World by TeamUnified.